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ES.Consultants Pvt.Ltd is a prominent engineering consulting firm that offers a full range of technical consulting solutions across the civil engineering sector and expertise in Design, Architecture, Construction/Resident Supervision of Buildings, Infrastructure, and Master Planning, Transport sector, Highways, Urban, Rural Roads, Flyovers, Bridges, Bypasses, Water Supply, Sewerage, Drainage Systems, and Treatment Plants.

ES.Consultants provides professional consulting and project management services across a range of civil engineering activities related to design and construction supervision facilities ranging from initial site surveys and basic engineering to detailed projects, construction and decommissioning. ES.Consultants provides completely integrated and combined consulting and management services that cover the full spectrum of a project development cycle.

One of our founding principles is to request every consulting engineer to spend a period of time on-site in contracting. This has allowed us to stand in front of our competition and always deliver feasible design with a vision for its operational performance.

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